First Aid Level 1 Training Course

FireMed First Aid Level 1 Training Course


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This course is designed to provide the participant who has no medical training but wishes to rapidly progress through the first two Levels of First Aid. This course will allow the participant to basic understanding of and how to handle a wide range of Trauma and Medical Emergencies.

This course is ideal for first aiders that wish to have greater confidence when treating patients. This course has also now also become the required minimum standard in many industries for individuals working as team leaders or supervisors.

Unit Standard

Unit Standard 119567


A wide range of subjects is covered including:


  1. The emergency situation
  2. Anatomy & physiology
  3. Basic life support - CPR & AED
  4. Bleeding & wounds
  5. Musco-skeletal injuries - fractures & joints
  6. Head & spinal injuries
  7. Various injuries - chest, hand, eye, ear, pelvic, abdominal & crush injuries
  8. Medical emergencies - diabetes, epilepsy, asthma, anaphylaxis & cardiac problems
  9. Burn wounds
  10. Poisoning , bites & stings
  11. Transport methods



Total hours for First Aid Level 1 is 16 hours.

Course is held over two (2) days.


Per Person R710.00


Subject to assessment, all participants will be issued with a First Aid Level (1) One certificate approved by the MerSETA ( Skills, Education & Training Authorities).


This qualification is valid for Three ( 3 ) years which can be renewed.


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