HIRA Training Course

FireMed HIRA Training Course

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The HIRA equips appointed Supervisors Managers, Health & Safety Reps and Committee members with the skills and tools needed to identify & eliminate the dangers, hazards and risks that contribute to workplace incidents, injuries & diseases.

Unit Standard

Unit Standard 13167


Names & functions of:

  1. Personal protective clothing and equipment
  2. Signs, colour coding


Purpose of:

  1. Personal protective clothing and equipment for various purposes
  2. Safety rules
  3. Signs and colour coding


Attributes, descriptions, characteristics & properties:

  1. Personal protective clothing and equipment for various purposes


Sensory cues:

  1. Safety signs and colour coding


Processes and events:

  1. Injuries


Cause and effect, implications of:

  1. Not adhering to safety rules
  2. Not complying with safety signs and colour codes
  3. Not wearing personal protective clothing and equipment
  4. Not taking action to prevent or avoid potential hazards


Procedures and techniques:

  1. Associated with safe work practices
  2. Associated with injury:
  3. Switch off electrical equipment
  4. Stem blood flow


Regulations, legislation, agreements, policies, standards:

  1. Safety signs, codes and symbols
  2. Applicable clauses of safety legislation and company policy

Relationships, systems:

  1. Relationship between safety and health rules and policies and the safety of the specific individual in the workplace 

Communication and Mathematical Literacy at NQF level 4


Total hours for this course is eight (8) hours.

The course is held over one day.


Per Person R450.00


Subject to assessment, all participants will be issued with a HIRA Certificate approved by the MerSETA (Skills, Education & Training Authorities).


This qualification is valid for Two (2) years which can be renewed.


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