Basic Firefighting Training Course

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Qualifying learners can select and use the appropriate firefighting equipment to extinguish or control fires in the workplace. Identify the type of fire, its context and select the appropriate firefighting procedure. Identify, select and check appropriate firefighting and safety equipment.


An understanding of procedures for dealing with fires in the workplace is demonstrated.


Changes in a fire include changes in wind direction, back draft, ventilation, the release of hazardous substances, radiation, or as a result of incorrect application of firefighting procedures.


Fire monitoring issues include the status of the fire, the status of firefighting equipment, controlling access, structural damage and equipment retrieval, firefighting casualties. 

Unit Standard

Unit Standard 12484

  1. The nature of the fire is correctly identified and its context accurately assessed
  2. Appropriate fire fighting and safety equipment is selected and checked
  3. Hazards are isolated
  4. Fire is approached according to procedures
  5. Changes in the fire are monitored and responded to
  6. Retreat from the fire site is undertaken according to appropriate retreat procedures for the type of fire


Respond to `what if` and `why` questions covering:


  1. Applicable chemistry of fires
  2. Methods of fire transmission
  3. Types of fires
  4. Selection of firefighting procedures for particular fires
  5. Prevention of fires
  6. Types, uses and operation of firefighting and safety equipment
  7. Retreat procedures form fire
  8. Issues to consider when monitoring fire and site
  9. Handover procedures
  10. Reporting and recording requirements
  11. Explain the implications of not adhering to the sequence of activities and operations as described in the specific outcomes and making decisions inappropriate to the task 







Total hours for this course is sixteen (16) hours.

Course is held over two (2) days.


Per person R710.00


Subject to assessment, all participants will be issued with Perform Basic Firefighting Certificate approved by the MerSETA    (Skills, Education & Training Authorities)


This qualification is valid for two (2) years which can be renewed.


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