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FireMed is a South African based company specializing in delivering personalized Training, Consulting, and Equipment services within the fields of Emergency Response, Preparations, Emergency Medical Care, (EMC) Firefighting in addition to Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) , Emergency Response Planning, (ERP), Audits, Safety Reviews, Investigations and Drills. We have far-reaching experience having offered Consulting Services in Angola, Malawi, Tanzania, Iraq, Guinea, The Democratic Republic of Congo and Somalia for 13 years including the Mining, Oil & Gas, Construction & Offshore Industries.

Our fields are all governed by respective laws, regulations and standards, and we pride ourselves in delivering quality products, services and advice based on extensive global experience integrated with a solid academic foundation.

Allow us to ensure your company and staff remain well trained, well equipped, competent and complaint.

FireMed only utilized well seasons Subject Matter Expert's ensuring that you always get the best guidance based on the latest evidence based research – our passion is driven by delivering excellence and dependability.

Our core business philosophy remains “A Way Of Life".

Specialized Courses

Specialized Courses

Traditional/ Generic “first aid” training is not always sufficient to prepare First Responders for a variety of injuries or illnesses they may encounter in their type of Industries.

1. First Responders Course for Gunshot Wounds
& Explosive Injuries
2. Bush-Med Course
3. Bleed-Med Course

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Event Management

Event Management

All events have hazards and can be prone to accidents. These accidents or incidents may range from minor to catastrophic; it may be a spectator struck by a ball to a grandstand collapse or fire. Inevitably people get hurt and equipment damaged. The onus is on the Event Organizer to identify, control and mitigate risk as much as possible while additionally planning and preparing for the worst scenario with the best outcome. A simple search of the internet reveals that these event-based incidents and accidents happen all too often sometimes costing many lives due to inadequate planning.

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Online Shopping

Online Shopping

FireMed offers a wide range of high-quality first aid products:

• Basic Emergency First Aid Kit
• Snakebite Kit
• Baby First Aid Kit
• Backpacking First Aid Kit
• Car First Aid Kit
• Catering First Aid Kit
• Burns & Wound Care
• Tourniquets

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FireMed Slogan - A Way Of Life

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Our Staff

Operations and Training Director

Stanley Hill – “Stan”

Stan grew up and was schooled on the Johannesburg East Rand. While still at school be enrolled with his local Red Cross Voluntary Aid Corp as a First Aider and thus the future seeds were sown. After completing his schooling, and the then compulsory National Military Service, Stan successfully applied for selection at Wits Technikon and the Johannesburg Ambulance Training College and went on to complete a 3 year National Diploma in Ambulance and Emergency Care Technology.

Between 1993 and 2005 Stan worked and gained valuable experience on “the road” in the employment of Benoni Fire and Emergency Service in addition to a number of National Private Ambulance Services. During this employment, period held a number of portfolios including that of Flight Paramedic, Divisional Officer, Head of Fire and Emergency Medical Training, and Base Manager.

In 2005 Stan decided to embark on expanding his Emergency Medical skills into the Remote, Offshore and Hostile Environments. He has subsequently worked in a variety of countries (Angola, Malawi, Tanzania, Iraq, Guinea and Somalia) across a number of industries (Oil and Gas, Construction, Mining, Fabrication) in often austere and challenging working conditions.

It was during this period that Stan began to engage with Health & Safety Departments. Stan subsequently decided to undertake further studies to expand on his OHS knowledge, skills and formal OHS qualifications. By 2015 he was appointed as Health and Safety Representative overseeing Health and Safety on Oil Rigs, drilling in Iraq, for a number of Global Oil & Gas companies.

Stan continues to ensure that he remains registered with the Health Professionals Council of South Africa as an Advanced Life Support Paramedic and regularly attends continued Professional Development programs.

Stan’s passion for educating by sharing his knowledge and skills acquired over 27 years experience from across the Globe, while ensuring he remains on the cutting edge of new research and development, make him FireMed’s ideal candidate for his title as Director of Operations and Training.

Operations Manager Gauteng






Wayne Humphries.

Wayne grew up in Benoni and by the end of Year 2000 was the Senior Divisional Officer at the Benoni Fire & Emergency Services. Wayne furthered his career skills & knowledge into Financial Management & Consulting for a period of 6 years and in 2007 became the Regional Hazmat Manger for Enviroserv (Pty) Ltd. Wayne’s key focus at Enviroserv was the compliance with legislation and safety audits as well as the divisional financial costings and budgets.

In 2011 Wayne furthered his knowledge and skills and became an AIA (Authorized Inspection Authority) registered with the Department of Labour. Responsibilities included personal monitoring of hazardous substances, report writing, setting up ISO17000 and establishing a Total Quality Management System Internal Audit.

In 2016 Enbitec Environmental Solutions head hunted Wayne for his specific skill set in the setup and implementation of ISO 18001 ISO 14001 and 1SO9001 which attained a 94% Audit Result undertaken by the International Standards Organization.

In 2017 Wayne started consulting for FireMed and brings to our company a wealth of expert information as well as a developed Integrated Management System.


Director of Marketing, IT and Accreditation’s

Yvonne Hill

Yvonne’s roots emanate in, the then known, country of Rhodesia. At a young age, her parents relocated to South Africa where she grew up in the beautiful Natal Midlands while completing her schooling in Escourt.

After completing school, Yvonne started off her career path by joining one of South Africa’s premier financial institutes which paved the way for her future business acumen. After many successful years in Natal, she decided to relocate to Gauteng to pursue further business interests. True to her character, within a few short years in Gauteng, had founded two successful companies of her own.

In her quest for self development, Yvonne began expanding her portfolio into the exciting realm of Marketing and Digital Media and after 5 years of study, went on to establish a third company, in the Limpopo region,  with these skills, passion and knowledge. This company has proven to be very successful and stands as a shining testament to her determination.

Yvonne was still not finished making her mark in the business world and subsequently joined FireMed in 2016. We are proud to have Yvonne in the capacity of Director of Marketing, IT and Training Accreditation’s – she is instrumental in perusing and driving FireMed’s objectives, strategies, client liaison and media footprint.

Her fanatical attention to detail, passion for customer services and solid business acumen are tangible and infectious.


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